Frequently Asked Questions


  • Where is the office and when are we open?
    8240 Clara Avenue, Cincinnati OH 45239.
    We are open from 8:30am-5:00pm Monday-Friday excluding holidays.

  • What is your pet policy?
    Cats are welcome in all properties (with rare exceptions). We require proof of current veterinary vaccinations, and a $200 non refundable pet fee before move in.
    Dogs are only allowed in houses (with rare exceptions). We require proof of current veterinary vaccinations, and a $200 non refundable pet fee before move in. We also require proof the dog is listed on your renters insurance, and has a registered county dog license

  • Do I have to apply for a specific property? 
    No. You may apply for a specific property OR you can get pre-approved for any property we offer.

  • What does a pre-approval application mean?
    Submit an application and if you are approved we will let you know what rental rate you are approved for. We will keep your application open for up to 6 months. If a property you want in your approved rate becomes available you would just need to let the office know and we would talk you through the process from there. 

  • Will I have to pay another application fee if I submit an application for pre-approval?
    No, during the 6 months you will not need to pay another application fee, however we may require updated proof of income. After the 6 months are up we require a completely new application and fee to be submitted.

  • Who needs to complete an application?
    Each person aged 18 or older who will be living at the property or anyone who will be co-signing a lease.

  • Is there an application fee?
    Yes, per application there is a $20 non-refundable fee that can be paid in cash or a money order.

  • What does my income need to be?
    Your gross (pre-tax) monthly household income must be 3x the rent for apartments and 4x for houses.
    Example: a $3000 total gross monthly household income would qualify for a $750 house or a $1000 apartment.

  • Are you going to run a credit check on me?
    No, We do not run a credit check. If you have good credit, you might want to look into the better value of purchasing a home instead of renting. We can help with that too.

  • Is a background check completed?
    Yes, we do complete a background check. You must not have any pending evictions or owe funds to a previous landlord. If there is a concern regarding evictions or criminal background, please understand that these are handled on a case by case basis. We cannot determine if an application will be approved or denied until the complete application and check are submitted and processed. 

  • What documents are required to complete my application?
    Proof of income for the last 30 days (Paystubs, Social Security, Disability) and Photo ID

  • Where can I get an application to rent?
    Here is a copy of our application in PDF format
    You can also get an application at any of our open houses, or at the office during open hours.

  • How and where do I turn in a completed application?
    Please make sure the application, supporting documents and application fee are all submitted together to ensure the processing of your application.
    Please submit these documents to our office located at 8240 Clara Ave., Cincinnati OH 45239. You may send your application to us via mail, shipping service, in person or in our
    drop box located to the left of our front door.
    An application is only considered complete when all required documentation has been received. If an application is not complete it can slow the processing of the application down and we cannot guarantee a property will still be available.

**We reserve the right to edit this page as our policies and standard practices are updated.**